This is just a note for those that keep attempting to join the community. Membership is NOT open - only those taking part in the challenge will have their membership approved and as the challenge will not be starting until the fall, everyone will be rejected.

Big Bang Officially Over

Hard to believe a week has gone by already but the Small Fandom Big Bang is now officially over. You're all free to post your stories and art to your own journals/archives/wherever you'd like.

Authors, if you'd like to include the art that was made for your BB along with your story, please remember that it's always polite to ask the artist first, even if it was made for you. *g* And as for the art (authors and artists), if you're reposting the art, please upload it somewhere else rather than hotlinking to the website itself, just to save on bandwidth. Thanks!

Thank you again for taking part in this Big Bang! There were lots of ups and downs but in the end I think it was all worth it. :) You all did an amazing job and deserve much praise.

For those wondering about a second Small Fandom Big Bang...

This coming fall I will be running (with neevebrody as my co-mod) the hewliganbigbang. Right now, I'm looking at running these two Big Bangs in alternating years. So if you're interested in taking part again, I do hope you'll stick around until then. ;)


The Big Reveal!


After almost a year, the reveal date is finally here. One of the authors mentioned sending in her story was like giving birth, and I think that analogy fits very well for this website. I've spent the past several months and working on the website, and the past week editing and tweaking and editing some more. I want to thank munchkinofdoom, birggitt, lavvyan and kari_hermione for checking the website for me - testing links and making sure the font all matched. However, I DID continue tweaking and editing and tweaking after they checked everything so any remaining problems are solely on my head. Please, if you find a broken link or some stray font that doesn't match, please let me know.

Initially we had 26 authors and 15 artists signed up to write and do art for this challenge. 10 authors finished for a total of 351,521 words. We have 20 pieces of art created by 11 artists.

I want to thank all the authors, artists, beta readers, and cheerleaders who took part in this challenge. I'm thrilled to have run this challenge and to see all the wonderful stories and art produced in five small fandoms. You all deserve big cheers and victory arms. *\o/*

I want to give a HUGE thank you to amezri who designed the layout for the smallfandom_bb website. I hope you all like it as much as I do.

At the bottom of each story and art page, you'll see links to leave feedback or read feedback, these links will take you to sf_bigbang_fb. You can track the post of your own feedback to get notifications when someone comments on your story and/or art.

REMINDER: Please don't post your stories or art anywhere for ONE WEEK.

And without further ado, *takes a deep breath * THE SMALL FANDOM BIG BANG!


Feedback Community!

As I receive each of your stories/art and your headers, I am adding them to your feedback post on sf_bigbang_fb. You can check out the community, and other people's headers to see if there's anything you want added or changed in your own before it all goes live in August. It's up to you what is in the header, but as you can see, some headers are more detailed than others. The more detailed the header, the more interesting your story/art is going to be to prospective readers/viewers.

If you'd like anything changed, please EMAIL me, don't comment on your post. ;) You can email me at forcryinoutloud at gmail dot com.

After each header is a link to the story/art with a link to the companion story/art. These links will take you to the website itself and at the bottom of the story/art will be a link back to the feedback post for that particular story/art.


So I figured I'd throw this up in case there are people out there struggling away on their Big Bang stories (as is evidenced by the poll *g*) who could use some cheering on.


Feel free to comment here with fandom(s)/pairing(s)/a brief description of your plot (you don't have to get too detailed if you want it to be a surprise) and what type of cheerleading you're looking for. Someone to bounce ideas around with or just someone that will encourage you as you go along.

Please remember cheerleaders are NOT betas, so you shouldn't be looking for someone that is going to in any way edit/beta your story. That's what your actual betas are for. *G*

Please include the following, just to make things simple.

preferred method of communication:
any warnings for triggery stuff:


Feel free to peruse the comments here and jump in to offer your cheering services to any author whose fandom/pairing/plot catches your eye.

Small Fandom Big Bang Lounge


This is the place to come and relax, take a break from writing or creating art, chat with other authors and artists about your story or art, get encouragement or give some.

You'll also find that we've posted some relevant fannish links for each of our ten fandoms to help you along the way. If we're missing any websites/livejournals that you think are particularly important to your fandom of choice (or any of the others) please let us know!

This community is flocked to give our authors and artists a completely safe and free place to express whatever they want in regards to this challenge and their story or art. However cheerleaders and betas that are SIGNED UP as betas and/or cheerleaders on smallfandom_bb are permitted to join as well.

You're free to post snippets (no more than 1000 words and preferably less than that) of your story here (how much you want to share is up to you), making sure it is UNDER AN LJ CUT, with the fandom, pairings and any necessary warnings for the snippet you are posting outside the cut) to get feedback - constructive criticism or maybe you're just looking for a few ideas to get you past a particularly stubborn scene etc.

You're free to post drafts of your artwork as well for the same constructive criticism, again including fandom, pairing and any necessary warnings outside the lj cut with the art itself going under the cut (this includes fanvids). I ask that you NOT post completed artwork here as part of this challenge is that the final artwork is a surprise for the author as well as the general public and as authors are only permitted to post snippets, not their completed stories, artists are only permitted to show working drafts.

Authors and artists are free to make posts about whatever they like as long as it pertains to THIS challenge. No posts about how your fandom is inactive or how you loved the newest episode aired of your particular fandom. The posts should pertain to your stories or art, to how you're feeling about taking on this challenge etc.

I know this goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. sfbigbanglounge is a 100% FLAME FREE ZONE! If someone is writing a pairing that you do not like, you are to simply keep moving. Anyone caught trying to attack someone else, or bashing the character you feel is "getting in the way" of your OTP, will be removed from the community.

Participation in sfbigbanglounge is completely up to you, it is not mandatory to join.

Icons and Banners!

If anyone is interested in making some icons or banners for this Big Bang challenge please feel free!

Icons obviously need to be 100x100 pixels and no more than 40KBs.

Banners should be no larger than 150-200 pixels high and 300-350 pixels wide.

Feel free to make fandom specific - Being Human, Castle, Chronicles of Riddick, Dark Angel, The Dead Zone, Eureka, Hewligan (anything EXCEPT Stargate Atlantis), Primeval, Psych or Pushing Daisies - or neutral (like the community header) icons and/or banners.

I'll add any appropriate ones to the list below.

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